Own Your Work
Own Your Worth
You are the Blueprint



This is the mantra. It’s a pretty big thought, but we’re overdue for an entrepreneurial ecosystem that reflects a world where all women of color founders own their work and, thereby, their worth

We are continuing the conversation around our latest Project Diane report, the first ever research study to quantify the entrepreneurial experience of women of color, with Diane Dinners. Project Diane has documented founder journeys, sparked a national dialogue on inclusion, and convened partners in the startup ecosystem together to build solutions. Now we’re breaking down the conversation into real world conversations for founders.

In each episode of this three part series, our Interim CEO Brittany S. Hale sits down with BREAKTHROUGH alum Shannon Morales of Tribaja and digitalundivided x Cosmopolitan The New C-Suite honoree Natasha Bansgopaul of VegaX Holding, as well as Charlotte Newman, Global Head of Underrepresented Founders at Amazon Web Services, and Erica Duignan Minnihan, General Partner at Reign Ventures to dive further into the founder journey for women of color.

Reserve a half-hour on your calendar this week to tune in! This thought-provoking, candid snapshot of what fundraising is really about for Black and Brown founders like you will be more than worth it!




Episode One:
"State Of The Industry"



Episode Two:
"Creating Access To Opportunities"

“You're doing a lot of hand-holding to really sell your passion and your idea to someone to invest in you.”
Natasha Bansgopaul, Co-Founder and COO, VegaX Holding.



Episode Three:
"Wisdom From The Field"

“I'm always transparent with my team about why we're making these pivots, why we're making these transitions.”
Shannon Morales, founder, and CEO, Tribaja




How To Watch

  • Tune in with an industry peer. Each episode will feature topics that spark conversation and is best enjoyed with a thought partner.
  • You’ll want to take notes. We cover a lot in 20 mins, so go into it knowing the conversation is designed to have you searching for further information.
  • Check out our speakers. Look up their companies. Learn from their bios.
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