Project Diane

It’s official!
Our latest Project Diane report is live!

Project Diane is the first-ever biennial demographic study commissioned by digitalundivided to provide a snapshot of the state of Latina and Black women founders, and the startups they lead in the United States.

How digitalundivided uses Data to Create System Change

digitalundivided’s research is a catalyst for action. And we have the data to prove it.

1. More Investments

After the release of ProjectDiane 2016, the amount raised by Black women founders increased by 500%, from 50 million in  2016 to $250 million in 2017. Funds like Backstage Capital and Impact America used data from ProjectDiane to raise investment funds to support Latina and Black women founders.

2. More Programs

digitalundivided’s research has served as the foundation for the development of several key initiatives to expand entrepreneurship in Latina and Black women communities. Organizations like Black Girl Ventures, BioSTL and Techstars used digitalundivided’s research to help create their inclusive innovation programs.

3. More Inspiration

digitalundivided uses data from our research initiatives to change the image of who can lead a company. In 2018, digitalundivided co-produced a groundbreaking, two-page pictorial spread in Vanity Fair that featured 27 Black women founders who have raised $1MM or more.

2022 Industry Insights Report:

Investment Surges for Healthcare, Education, and Financial Services Businesses Founded by Latina and Black Women

ProjectDiane: 2021 update

ProjectDiane is the first biennial demographic study commissioned by digitalundivided to provide a snapshot of the state of Black & Latinx women founders, and the startups they lead, in the United States. This report provides the latest critical updates included in the study

BG Map Methodology

Developing Inclusive Entrepreneurial Communities Ecosystem Report

This report supported by UBS Project Entrepreneur, the Nasdaq Foundation, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. explores how the inclusion of diverse founders must be pursued intentionally in order to ensure equitable opportunities.

The New C-suite logo

Redefining Business Leadership

In partnership with Cosmopolitan, digitalundivided launched The New C-Suite, an annual honorary list of game-changing businesses led by women of color founders. This report supported by Amazon Web Services and Silicon Valley Bank seeks to address key questions that contextualize their entrepreneurship experience

Pivots & Perseverance: Black & Latinx Women Entrepreneurs During COVID-19

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we issued a call to founders to share their entrepreneurship experiences since the start of the pandemic. This report supported by JPMorgan Chase & Co. provides insight into their challenges, triumphs, sources of support, and future aspirations

Danielle Jackson Did

Meet The Director

Danielle Jackson is the Senior Director of Research, Evaluation, and Data at digitalundivided. She leads the organization’s monitoring, evaluation, and research initiatives, including the biennial ProjectDiane study on the state of Latina and Black women founders. Her longstanding research interests include women’s experiences in the labor market, entrepreneurship, and community economic development. She has consulted on projects related to equity and inclusion and is currently a research fellow at Catalyst in the area of Women and the Future of Work.

Prior to joining digitalundivided, Danielle was an institutional research and assessment analyst at CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College. She has taught courses on research methods, race & ethnicity, urban studies, and social inequality at CUNY’s Hunter College and Guttman Community College. She holds a PhD in sociology and a certificate in Africana studies from the CUNY Graduate Center, an MA in sociology from Queens College, and a BA in communications with a minor in economics from the University of Southern California.

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