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The New C-Suite explores the dynamic realm of groundbreaking startups, where visionary leaders redefine success, drive innovation, and reshape industries, captivating markets across the nation.


Discover the diverse faces of entrepreneurship within digitalundivided, where our programs empower founders, regardless of background, with the tools needed to scale their companies at various stages. Our commitment to fostering an inclusive investment ecosystem is embodied in celebrating founders who have surpassed the $1M revenue mark, providing them with a unique community and ongoing leadership support. 

In collaboration with Cosmopolitan, the New C-Suite, annually connects visionary leaders to a broader audience, aiming to amplify the visibility of their businesses, promote their thought leadership, and showcase how their genius shapes the future of entrepreneurship.


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In just a few years, the face of the American C-suite will change forever,” said Patricia Mota, Board Chair of digitalundivided and CEO, HACE. "With this change, more women of color will rise in entrepreneurship, establishing themselves in the executive business class. We're proud to stand with our partners at Cosmopolitan and amplify these extraordinary women entrepreneurs. They are the future of the C-suite.

Be at the forefront of innovation!
Join the waitlist for The New C-Suite and know beforehand when the applications are open!


  • 18 years of age or older
  • Women of color entrepreneurs
  • Have launched a business in—and that’s still based in—the United States and its territories.
  • Have majority ownership of an established, for-profit business that has been registered and actively operated for at least one year.
  • Annual revenue of over $1MM or $500K in funding within a year
  • Run a successful company that stands out in your industry for innovation and is on track for long-term growth
  • Be willing to provide your expertise to digitalundivided earlier stages entrepreneurs; a minimum of two hours pro bono (e.g., speaker or thought leader)


Meaningful business resources from digitalundivided plus major media exposure (Cosmopolitan is the largest young women’s media brand in the world):
  • Collectively be included in a Cosmopolitan print magazine feature story
  • Collectively be included—along with their businesses and/or products—in a feature story on
  • Collectively receive promotions on Cosmopolitan and digitalundivided’s social media accounts
  • Receive tailored advice and actionable strategies for maximizing your brand visibility and impact
  • Have the opportunity to partake in digitalundivided initiatives, including speaking engagements and give-back opportunities through mentorship, providing a platform for knowledge sharing and thought leadership.
  • Gain exclusive access to events, networking opportunities, and the New C-Suite Circle, a community of honorees from previous years.

    *As a 2024 New C-Suite honoree, you may be expected to attend an in-person celebration in New York City in the fall. Travel will be provided. Should an event take place, we’ll share additional details once you’ve been accepted into the New C-Suite program.


  • Application Open: March 11
  • Application Close: April 21
  • Selection Process: from April 14 until July 1
  • Editorial Feature: November 2024


Are you willing to participate with your co-founder?

We love a dynamic duo. If you’re selected, we can honor you and up to one (1) cofounder, as long as your business partner also falls within our eligibility requirements and you’ve noted on your application that your submission is on behalf of you and your cofounder. If your partner does not meet those requirements—or if you want to apply on your own—we’d still love to honor you and your business (just note that you, not your partner, will be the official member of the New C-Suite).


Applicants will be reviewed and selected by our all-female judging panel, which included Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Jessica Giles, Board Chair at digitalundivided & CEO at HACE, Patricia Mota, and digitalundivided CEO Leah WIlliams.

Jessica Giles

Editor-in-Chief, Cosmopolitan

Jessica Giles Jessica Giles is the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, the largest young… About Jessica

Patricia Mota

Board Chair of digitalundivided and CEO, HACE

Patricia Mota Patricia is an innovative trailblazer, start-up entrepreneur, author,… About Patricia

Leah Williams

CEO, digitalUndivided

Leah Williams, CEO of digitalundivided. Leah Williams is the CEO of digitalundivided. Leah… About Leah


Discover the inspiring individuals who are revolutionizing the startup world with their cutting-edge businesses.


Class of 2023

Beatriz Acevedo & Mary Hernandez


Beatriz Acevedo & Mary Hernandez Beatriz Acevedo is the CEO and co-founder of SUMA Wealth,… About Beatriz & Mary

Candace Mitchell Haris


Candace Mitchell Harris Candace Mitchell Harris is the Founder & CEO of MYAVANA, the… About Candace

Courtney Caldwell


Courtney Caldwell Courtney Caldwell is the CEO of ShearShare, an innovative B2B marketplace… About Courtney

Dafna Mizrahi


Dafna Mizrahi Dafna Mizrahi is the co-founder and CEO of Curamia Tequila. Her mission is to… About Dafna

Daniela Blanco


Daniela Blanco Daniela Blanco is the founder and CEO of Sunthetics, a company… About Daniela

Jasmine Jones


Jasmine Jones Jasmine Jones is the CEO of Cherry Blossom Intimates, the only… About Jasmine

Kristen Sonday


Kristen Sonday Kristen Sonday is the Co-Founder and CEO of Paladin, a pro bono management… About Kristen

Mariana Matus & Newsha Ghaeli


Mariana Matus & Newsha Ghaeli Mariana Matus is a Mexican biologist and the CEO and… About Mariana & Newsha

Riana Lynn


Riana Lynn Riana Lynn is the CEO of Journey Foods, a fast-growing software startup focused… About Riana

Shaira Frias & Mabel Frias


Shaira Frias & Mabel Frias Shaira Frías is the Co-Founder along with her sister Mabel Frías… About Shaira & Mabel

Class of 2022

Kimberly Wilson


Kimberly Wilson Kimberly Wilson is a storyteller, entrepreneur and professor. Her career… About Kimberly

Jaclyn Fu

Founder and CEO,

Jaclyn Fu Jaclyn Fu is the Co-CEO of Pepper, a body positive bra company made for… About Jaclyn

Elise Smith

CEO, Praxis Labs

Elise Smit For Elise Smith, the fight for equity and inclusion is personal. After seeing… About Elise

Shanté Elliott

Founder and CEO, TasselTurn

Shanté Elliott Shanté Elliott is the founder and CEO at TasselTurn Education, a social… About Shanté

Natasha Bansgopaul

Co-Founder and COO,
VegaX Holdings

Natasha Bansgopaul Natasha Bansgopaul is the Co-Founder and COO of VegaX Holdings, an… About Natasha

Farah Allen

The Labz

Farah Allen Farah Allen is an accomplished media technology specialist with over 20 years… About Farah

Sandra Velasquez

Founder and CEO,
Nopalera Inc

Sandra Velasquez Sandra Velasquez is the Mexican-American founder of Nopalera, an iconic… About Sandra

Isoken Igbinedion


Isoken Igbinedion Isoken is an MBA graduate from The University of Pennsylvania’s The… About Isoken

Hitha Palepu

Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Hitha Palepu Hitha is the CEO of Rhoshan Pharmaceuticals, a company developing injectable… About Hitha

Autumn Adeigbo

Founder and CEO,
Autumn Adeigbo

Autumn Adeigbo Autumn Adeigbo is the founder of her eponymous colorful and conversational… About Autumn

Class of 2021

Frances Tang

Awkward Essentials

Frances Tang Frances Tang is the founder, CEO, and Captain Awkward of Awkward Essentials,… About Frances

Markea & Debbie Dickinson


Markea & Debbie Dickinson Markea is the co-founder of Thermaband whose mission is to… About Markea & Debbie

Dorrian Morris

Undefined Inc

Dorrian Morris A true champion of inclusivity within wellness, Dorian Morris is a beauty… About Dorrian

Veena Somareddy

Neuro Rehab VR

Veena Somareddy Veena Somareddy is the CEO of Neuro Rehab VR, a VR healthcare start-up… About Veena

Ailed Gonzalez & Jonelie Velez

Tasty Smart

Ailed Gonzalez & Jonelie Velez Ms. González knows firsthand the situations that people with… About Ailed & Jonelie

Sophia Strother

L2E Industries

Sophia Strother Sophia is determined to be an inspiration to anyone looking to break cycles… About Sophia

Tolonda Tolbert


Tolonda Tolbert Dr. Tolonda M. Tolbert is the Co-Founder, and Chief Strategy & Culture… About Tolanda

Kristina Jones

Guardian Lane

Kristina Jones Kristina Jones is an award winning advertising art director who created… About Kristina

Julissa Prado

Rizos Curls

Julissa Prado Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Julissa Prado is the founder and… About Julissa

Crystal Etienne

Ruby Love

Crystal Etienne Crystal Etienne, is the Black Female Founder of a $50M Company – Built In… About Crystal


1. How is the selection process for the New C-Suite program?

After the application period closes, approximately 50 semi-finalists will be interviewed. Judges will then determine the top 25 and subsequently select the ten finalists for the cohort. Finalists will be notified by the beginning of July.

2. Does it matter whether the $500K in funding is dilutive or non-dilutive?

No, it does not matter. The funding can be either dilutive or non-dilutive.

3. Should the $500K in funding be within the year or over time?

The funding must be secured within a one-year timeframe.

4. Is the New C-Suite program purely remote or also in-person?

While the program is primarily remote, participants may be expected to attend an in-person celebration in New York City in the fall. Additional details will be provided upon acceptance into the program.

5. Does the program provide funding?

The program does not provide direct funding, but it offers participants a valuable network, substantial exposure for their businesses, and tailored advice and strategies to maximize brand visibility and impact.

6. Is the New C-Suite program suitable for me?

We strongly encourage you to apply, as the program provides an excellent opportunity to connect with a diverse community of women founders at different stages and with various experiences. The connections and insights gained can be immensely valuable.

7. Is The New C-Suite program industry-agnostic?

Yes. The program values diversity in all aspects, and it is important for us to have a cohort that represents a variety of industries.

8. What financial statements are required?

To demonstrate your business revenue, you can provide your balance sheet, income statement, or statement of cash flows.