Top 3 Latina-Owned PR Firms To Help You Grow Your Business — digitalundivided

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Did you know Hispanic Americans make up 20% of the U.S. population? According to Claritas’ 2022 Hispanic Market Report, Hispanic consumers possess a buying power of over $2 trillion…and that market share is set to increase over the next five years.

As Hispanic dominance in the U.S. market continues to grow, so does the rate of Latin-owned businesses. In 2021, The U.S. Small Business Association revealed five million Hispanic-owned businesses in America, and more so, contributed $800 billion to the economy annually. At least 1.6 million Latina-owned businesses comprise that impressive number!

As Hispanic owners and Latina entrepreneurs continue their projected growth in the U.S., Latina-owned PR firms are rising to meet this quickly growing business community's communications and media needs. Check out some of the top Latina-owned PR firms in America on our radar!

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Multi Lingo Marketing: This Chicago-based women-led shop has over half a century of experience and is making a media difference for Midwest businesses. This team has a reputation for getting their clients known for their creative concepts, events, traditional PR, and digital prowess. Best yet, they work across industries, from corporate to law firms to city-based sports teams to up-and-coming brands.

  1. New Publica — President and co-founder of New Publica Melisa Lopez Franzen is the former Minnesota State Senate Minority Leader and brings an extensive background in law, policy, and media to the forefront of this multi-cultural agency. Together alongside her extensive full-service team, new Publica has brought crucial light to many educational, nonprofit, and organizational brands.

  2. The PR Influence — This Cuban-America duo comprised Carolina Gonzalez and Claudia Vilches launched this full-service company during the pandemic to pull in cash. Since they started working from a small apartment in New York City, the company has skyrocketed. The PR Influence’s clients have been featured in Insider, People, delish, Thrillist, Pop Sugar, and more. Their full-service agency also lends itself to digital content, so get ready to get creative and spread the word on social media.