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The average women-owned business revenue is $263,091. But for the past 12 months, 13 Latina and Black women entrepreneurs have dared to scale their revenues to surpass the $1 million mark. As part of digitalundivided’s Do You Fellowship — these founders have gained access to workshops, industry leaders, and mentorship to reach this monumental financial goal.

On October 16th, the seasoned cohort will have the chance to prove they are investment-ready through digitalundivided’s inaugural Do You Fellowship pitch competition. Taking place during Newark Tech Week in October 2023, founders will compete for non-equitable grants totaling $90K. 1st place comes in at $50k, 2nd place at $25k, and 3rd place at $15k.

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Are you ready to meet this incredible cohort? Here’s a peek at what’s to come and all the innovative solutions these founders have developed!

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F&W Style, Alexandria Alli

F&W Style creates well-crafted, designer-quality handbags at accessible prices for the woman on the go. After years of doodling fashion sketches, Alexandria Alli spent the next 14 years going door-to-door, asking fashion boutiques to carry her line while working at her finance job. Now, the company is in over 1,000 stores, including TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom, and Macy’s. Read Alexandria’s Founder Feature here!

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DivySci Software, Ariana Abramson

Remote work is new(er), and it’s here to stay. But with the benefits of this new way of working comes its unique communication challenges. DivySci knows communications blunders can cost companies thousands. Data scientist Ariana Abramson has developed a novel language processing technology through DivySci to support employees in avoiding misunderstandings, reducing errors, and improving collaboration.

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Cincha Travel, Ashley Sharma

Ashley Sharma has loved traveling since before she could remember…literally. The father of a United airplane technician, she was able to fly to foreign places and observe how people of different cultures interact throughout her childhood. As an adult, Ashley and her husband and cofounder wanted to find a way to give that opportunity to others. Through Cincha Travel — a SharkTank featured travel product company — they’re enabling people to travel to new heights — or even to travel home — through their give-back policy. Read Ashley’s Founder Feature here!

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Melx World, Darsha Ham (Darshay) & Dawn Robinson

Want that in-store experience before leaving your home? Darsha Ham and Dawn Robinson are creating a completely customizable virtual reality experience for a brand to showcase their products in an immersive, digital way to reach audiences from the comfort of their devices.

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MisTee Wants To Know, Inc., Janice Williams Oliver

When Janice WIlliams Oiver learned that hair straightening products could lead to increased cancer rates, she decided to go natural. But the time, cost, and sheer amount of products needed to go natural were all-consuming. With a background in packaged goods and an innovative mindset shaped by her Silicon Valley surroundings, Oliver set out to create a product that led to high-quality results. Read Janice’s Founder Feature here!

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Youdle, Kontji Anthony

This company comprises three sisters in leadership positions and was born out of the pandemic. In an attempt to help each other find basic resources local to each other’s communities from across the globe, the sisters quickly realized the value of their 34,000+ Facebook group. This platform now helps users identify what’s available for purchase in the local markets of those they care for from a distance. Mom in Milwaukee, need milk? Cousin in Kansas City, need a cookie-based pick-me-up? This is for you.

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Co-Created Goods, Kristen Sanders

Data-gathering might be one of the most controversial internet topics. How do brands and marketers learn about their audiences without invading their privacy or bombarding them with annoying cookie pop-ups? Co-Created Goods create engaging, consumer-based experiences along the buying journey to create happy, loyal customers.

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7 Generation Games, Maria Burns Ortiz

How do children learn best? When they see themselves in the stories in front of them. Maria Burns Ortiz created 7 Generation Games to support educators in engaging their students in learning. These bespoke video games are created in collaboration with individual teachers and schools. They are designed around the diverse student communities, drawing from their lives, stories, cultures, and identities to create interactive learning experiences built around their curriculum. Read Maria’s Founder Feature here!

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Under Her Empire, Ryen Williams

Where there is imagination, there is creation. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, where she developed her multi-creative and artistic pursuits, Ryen Williams set out to establish a community of creatives producing meaningful content while gaining access to community resources and partnership opportunities. Under Her Empire is a New York-based creative conglomerate focused on authentic, culturally competent storytelling.

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LegacyShift, Sandra Appiah

Need career support? Are you trying to find better ways to connect mentors and mentees in your organization? LegacyShift is a cutting-edge B2B software platform empowering organizations to foster genuine connections, skill building, and continuous learning among their teams.

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alt.fn/Oarbt, Sharon Obuobi

Recognized as one of Apollo Magazine’s 2021 40 under 40 art tech innovators, Sharon Obuobi is the founder of Alt Finance — a real-time alternative asset market financial data platform for better-educated investment returns. Alt/Finance provides tracking to $17.2 trillion alternative assets markets with AI-powered data systems, including 50 dataset categories such as art, diamonds, handbags, NFTs, wine, and more.

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DentalFynd, Tobi Bosede

After a bad experience finding a dentist for an emergency procedure, Tobi Bosede created a platform that would give transparent pricing and reviews to patients needing dental procedures. She aims to make DentalFynd the first company on a mission to democratize dentistry for all.

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