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“When the venture capital industry catches cold, underrepresented founders catch pneumonia,” Tiana Tukes once said.

Tukes, the co-founder of LGBT+ VC, the first 501(C)(3) nonprofit dedicated to advancing the LGBTQ venture capital ™ community, is on a steadfast mission to address the supply crisis of LGBTQ investors in financial markets.

With a passion for early-stage investing and stints at major companies like Accenture, Spotify, and Silicon Valley Bank, Tukes founded LGBT + VC in response to anti-LGBTQ attacks, and less than 1% of venture capital goes towards LGBTQ entrepreneurs.

Learn more about this incredible founder and all she is doing to bring awareness and support to LGBTQ founders below!

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What type of work does LGBT+VC do? Why is the organization important to the relationship between LGBTQ entrepreneurs and venture capitalists?

Tiana Tukes: Our work addresses the pervasive supply crisis of LGBTQ+ investors in financial markets. Fundamentally, the innovation economy needs more openly-LGBTQIA+ and ally investors as decision- makers and check writers to create a more equitable, thriving investment ecosystem for all underestimated founders.

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digitalundivided: As a founder, what has been the biggest struggle you’ve had to overcome in building your business? Conversely, what kind of results have you seen since your founding?

Tiana Tukes: Within our first 90 days, we established a global partnership with Amazon Web Services, launched three flagship chapters (Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York), and hosted the first annual LGBT+ VC Summit for over 500 limited partners, venture capitalists, and tech investors.

digitalundivided: You recently held LGBT+ VC Summit Week | From Stonewall to Silicon Valley, The world’s first in-person gathering for LGBTQ and ally venture capitalists. What were the primary event takeaways from this week?

Tiana Tukes: We hosted over 500 leading VCs and founders over five days for insightful conversations and meaningful programming. I’m proud that our no-cost programming is accessible to all entrepreneurs and investors.

digitalundivided: What is the next milestone you wish to achieve in your entrepreneurial journey?

Tiana Tukes: We look forward to hosting the Out Open Tennis Tournament for Trans Rights this September. Amidst the onslaught of hate, we’re excited to convene investors, operators, and tech. Trans* people are champions and deserve material support.

digitalundivided: What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs, especially those who identify as LGBTQ, on their entrepreneurial journey?

Tiana Tukes: LGBTQIA+ founders build some of the best businesses. I would remind them to know their worth and that venture capital is a means, not an end.

digitalundivided: For those LGBTQ digitalundivided community members who are interested in LGBT +VC, find out ways you can get involved below:

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