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There’s a strong connection between Juneteenth and Black-owned businesses.

Before the Emancipation Proclamation, people who were enslaved were not allowed to own any business or land, thus crushing the power of Black wealth to be accumulated in mass. When the Emancipation Proclamation went into effect in 1863, many enslaved people remained until the Union could control all states — including western territories. It wasn’t until as late as December 1865, when the Union had reestablished control over these regions, including Texas, that the last of those people in the South who were enslaved were informed of their freedom. That momentous occasion is why we celebrate Juneteenth as a nation today.

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Juneteenth is celebrated yearly in churches, communities, rodeos, and picnics. But it can also be viewed as a day to celebrate the beginning of creating Black wealth. Juneteenth represents the first opportunity for Black-owned entrepreneurship to develop at scale. According to nationally and internationally renowned researcher, educator, and author Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary, 80 percent of Black folks started their farms or business after they were freed. Despite the many barriers overtly placed in the way of Black achievement, Black entrepreneurs and business owners glittered golden during the Reconstruction era, persevered through the Civil Rights movement, and are carving their path through the startup boom.

To celebrate Black business this Juneteenth, we’re celebrating the newly inducted startups of our 2023 BIG cohort. Check out these amazing Black, women-owned businesses keeping the spirit of Juneteenth at the forefront of our nation.

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Invest in Black mental health. That’s the world Merald is building — one in which the Black community can reach as many folks as possible through an app-based platform that connects culturally-competent experts to people. Be the first to know about the launch. Sign up here.

IKEMBA Educational Partners, LLC

IKEMBA is building a community of culturally responsive educators. With over 20 years of joined educational experience, this startup is a team of school leaders and teachers providing grassroots solutions to some of the nation’s biggest academic hurdles, including classroom funding. Learn more here.

Tribe Meets

Tribe Meets is the bumble for the African diaspora. With over 2.5 million Africans in America, Tribe Meets creates curated spaces and events to connect to future friends and romantic partners. Join your tribe now.


GroTru is a social networking and investment platform giving Black and LatinX entrepreneurs the startup advantage. They aim to promote Black and LatinX businesses to launch and grow without taking a share of their companies. Learn more here.

GroTru is a social networking + investment platform giving Black and LatinX entrepreneurs the advantage! Their goal is to promote Black and LatinX businesses to launch without taking a share of their companies. Learn more here.

In Color Stock

How hard is it to find stock images of Black and Brown folks doing everyday things? In Color Stock makes it easy to find and purchase high-quality stock photography while also ensuring the highest quality of staging and photography. Check out this new content platform here.

Who are your favorite Black women-owned brands? Help us celebrate Juneteenth by listing yours in the comment section below!